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Tool auto comment fb post is an application developed with the aim of automatically commenting on posts, personal profiles, or groups on the Facebook platform. This tool plays a significant role in online marketing strategies on Facebook, facilitating the rapid and automatic spread of information, reducing the time needed to stimulate initial interest, while also minimizing operational costs and enhancing sales performance.

I. Introduction to Auto Comment FB Post Software

When you search “auto comment fb post” on Google, there are up to 65,000,000 results, indicating that this is a topic of great interest to many people. In the market, there are many software tools to help you auto comment on Facebook posts, but one notable option is MKT Care. Developed with modern technology, user-friendly interface, and ease of use, MKT Care has received positive feedback from small-scale sellers to large enterprises.

Aool auto comment fb post
Aool auto comment fb post

Using auto comment FB post software brings many benefits, including:

  • Connecting with the right target customers: You can easily reach your potential customer base on Facebook in any field as the software suggests potential groups for you to explore and utilize.
  • Saving working time: Now you don’t need to manually post content. All you have to do is press a button for the software to automatically post advertisements and reach your target customers.
  • Increasing work efficiency: The software allows you to use unlimited accounts and run multiple accounts simultaneously, increasing productivity by up to 10 times.
  • Saving advertising budget: Typically, you would have to pay Facebook to increase ad visibility and gather customer information, but now you can do that for free.
  • Optimizing personnel: When you use software to perform posting tasks, it’s equivalent to having 10-20 people doing that work for you.

II. Features of Auto Comment FB Post Software

In addition to automatic posting, MKT Care software also comes with many other modern features, suitable for the needs of online sellers. Here are the outstanding features of MKT Care:

1. Mass posting to groups automatically:

  • Quickly post to personal profiles.
  • Automatically post to joined groups.
  • Manage and track posting history and schedules.
  • Post to groups not yet joined.
  • Customize pre- and post-interaction to improve engagement.
Auto group posting
Auto group posting

2. Automatic commenting on posts:

  • Directing customers through comments on posts is essential for marketing campaigns. With MKT Care, all comments are now made automatically.
  • Automatically comment on posts on profiles.
  • Automatically comment on advertisements.
  • Automatically comment on fan page posts.
  • Comment on posts within groups or communities that you have joined.
  • Comment based on pre-existing UID lists.
Auto comment Facebook

3. Mass posting to fan pages with MKT Care software:

  • Automatically post to managed pages.
  • Support posting in various content formats.
  • Post short videos on Facebook Reels to make your product or service go viral across hundreds of different pages.

4. Unlocking accounts when facing checkpoints:

  • When you post too frequently in a short period or from the same IP address, your account may be flagged as spam by Facebook and require verification, known as a Facebook checkpoint. Understanding Facebook’s mechanisms, MKT Care has been equipped with the feature to unlock checkpoints, allowing users to post, interact, and comment without worrying about affecting their accounts. MKT Care can:
  • Automatically unlock Facebook accounts with type 282 (unlock via facial recognition).
  • Automatically unlock Facebook accounts with type 956 – code sent back via email.
Auto unlock checkpoint
Auto unlock checkpoint

5. Other features of MKT Care software include:

In addition, MKT Care software offers other features such as:

  • Managing a large number of Facebook accounts systematically.
  • Mass posting to Groups, Personal Pages.
  • Automatic messaging to UID files.
  • Account nurturing feature, interacting like real users.
  • Automatic unlocking of Checkpoints, automatic unlocking of email, and updating information.

III. Instructional Video on Using the Auto Comment FB Post Tool

Below is a video tutorial for the auto comment FB post tool:


The auto comment Facebook post tool mentioned above are all useful support tools for those who are doing business, selling online on Facebook, aiming to attract, search for, and effectively care for customers without consuming much resources or time.

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